Maplerun is a modern rock band based in Europe. The group got together in 2007 in an effort to express emotions and feelings through music. A four piece band that combines music styles such as nu-metal, modern rock and alternative rock reflecting the various influences of the band members.

Maplerun’s major influences are Metallica, System of a Down, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Coldplay, Radiohead, Katatonia, Godsmack, Creed, Staind etc.



Maplerun are pleased to announce that their 3rd album will be produced by legendary producer David Bottrill (Tool, Stonesour, Muse, Placebo, Godsmack). The band has just completed recording the new album which is currently being mixed and will be in stores later this year.


Making of the New Album (Part 1) "Interview with David Bottrill"

Maplerun performed live at “Rockwave Festival” on the 4th of July, sharing the stage with Judas Priest, Rot- ting Christ and Exarsis.



Maplerun are pleased to announce their partnership with Pavement Music USA as well as an

endorsment by Unity Clothing Shops. The band’s latest album “Restless” is now available in stores throughout the US.


Maplerun's partnership with Pavement Music USA Maplerun's endorsment by Unity Clothing Shops

the first album

The band spent 4 months between September and December 2007, in order to record what would be their debut album called ‘HOUSE ON FIRE’. The album, produced by the band itself, allowed Maplerun to appear live on Greek television (Mad Day Live on Mad TV and Radio Arvila on Ant1 TV). The band received significant radio play and toured Belgium in November 2009 as well as Greece in spring 2010 and winter 2011. Since then, Maplerun’s video for their single ‘For You’ is being broadcasted on MTV Greece and the band inked a management deal with the host of ‘Headbanger’s Ball’ which is presented on MTV Greece.

…Already British radio stations have picked up on Maplerun's rough edged hard hitting Nu-Metal and the future looks good. Watch out for them.


The band embarked on a European tour in early October 2010, successfully supporting progressive metal legends SHADOW GALLERY.


Τhe band’s single ‘For You’ is presented on Rock Band, a videogame developed by MTV Games and Harmonix, available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

...I am really happy to witness the existence of Greek bands like Maplerun, who have the ability to directly compete with big names of the international scene.

- ROCKHARD MAGAZINE (GREECE)  7.5/10     Feb ’09/ Issue 39



the second album

The band’s second album “Restless” was hosted in  Metal Hammer Greece magazine (October 2012), receiving astonishing reviews..

Restless is Maplerun’s new album (2012). Recorded between 2010 – 2011 a much heavier album than the band’s debut “House on Fire” with a full range of dynamics in every song. The band have blended all their major influences in a more mature songwriting style and present 12 new dynamic songs with a brand new modern sound and direction. “Restless” is mastered by Ted Jensen (Metallica, Rolling Stones, Green Day, Muse, Madonna) in Sterling Sound Studios (New York) and the artwork is designed by Travis Smith (Avenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Nevermore). Maplerun’s official music video for “Bombs” (2014) is sponsored by Redbull.

Maplerun’s Restless did not surprise me. Restless convinced me… that we are dealing with a hard working band that aims at endurance and is not ephemeral. One step heavier, darker and more metal than their previous album, Restless has a lot to say and not only to fans of modern American alternative metal/rock. A complete album with character and essence.

METAL HAMMER (GREECE)  RATING 8/10   October ’12/ Issue 334


Maplerun supported the Swedish band KATATONIA on February 2013 in Athens as well as DAVE LOMBARDO’s (ex – Slayer) group Philm in April 2013. The band also played HARD ROCK HELL festival in Ibiza (Spain) in May 2013.      The band played a UK Tour supporting  AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE and RSJ in November 2013.

An interesting combination of nu-metal, modern and alternative rock, implemented at its best - presented to the listener with a lot of feeling…The formation around the very charismatic front man Nick who´s gifted with a great voice, creates the balance between a pleasant kind of hardness and easy listening…The title track named “Restless” could surely pass even the most critical jury. A rocking masterpiece without equal. Other bands could really take a leaf out of their book...

Conclusion: It doesn´t always need to be “superhard” to be pleasant! “Maplerun”- are for me the best Greek export when it comes to music.





Maplerun toured Europe with Skindred & Soil in February 2014 and also played

Hammerfest VI festival in March 2014.



Maplerun’s cover for Pantera's 'Cowboys From Hell' (feat. Brendt Allman from Shadow Gallery on guitar solo) is presented on the CD compilation 'The Great Greek Trendkill' distributed with

METAL HAMMER GREECE (Official) (January 2015 - Issue 361).


"FOR YOU" official music video 2009 "LIVE@BELGIUM" 2010

…these guys work hard and above all, they give 101% of their skills. The crowd embraced them and had the luck to see one of the best Greek support bands of all time… excellent in every sense of the word. With performances like this one, if they are a little lucky, they will achieve the big bet...



…they sound like Stone Sour and Coldplay and at times their atmosphere might remind you of Katatonia. I can surely say that MAPLERUN are very good at what they do and that they will attract many dedicated fans.

-METAL HAMMER (GREECE) 7/10      March ’09/ Issue 291



Maplerun will make you wonder why such a band is still in Greece and hasn’t yet moved to the other side of the Atlantic were they surely belong. What exactly is it that other bands have and Maplerun lack? Great songs? Open up your ears and just listen to “Restless”. A lot of bands would love to have one of their songs in their tracklist.





…During the 40 minutes of Maplerun’s performance I couldn’t understand what was going on due to the unstoppable headbanging…from the first note they made us know that this is serious…



“ Eventhough I had previously heard them on youtube nothing could prepare me for what I would see live in front on me…I kept staring at them with my mouth open…crazy headbanging and a general music craziness that I have never experienced before.”







“After listening to the album for the first time I decided to set it on repeat. I like the tracklisting, the production, the albums ending, the influences from System of a Down and Nickelback and I really like the vocals…the music and production of the album is perfect”





“…The guys had a blast and poured sweat all over the stage…after performing tracks from both their albums they said goodnight and left us searching the floor for our jaws…”






…with obvious talent and in the mood for music, Maplerun’s performance convinced me to check them out further on. My personal opinion is that they stood out amongst the other opening bands…





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